6 essential tools for work and travel
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6 Essential Tools for Work and Travel

When travelling and working remotely, I came across certain tools which have become indispensable. Especially when trying to get the work done on the road, some tools helped me to maintain a good workflow.
If you are working remotely while travelling, some of them might be useful for you too.

Here is my list of essential tools and apps I use daily:

1. VPN

I am using the Private Internet Access VPN. Whilst this is a paid service, there are plenty of free versions out there.
When travelling frequently and switching between countries I have come across different problems. Those problems can range from blocked email access due to Mail thinking you are being hacked or not being able to access your bank for the same reason. Or maybe you simply want to stream something from a different country. A VPN allows you to trick the website to believe you are in a certain country while also keeping your identity secret.
Download it here.

2. Dropbox

After breaking about 3 external hard drives in my life and thus losing gigabytes of valuable information, I switched completely to the paid version of Dropbox.
It allows me to save about a terabyte of information online and grant me access from anywhere.
No matter how many computers I break, phones I lose, I will not lose my data anymore, as all of my devices are synchronized with the cloud. Of course, this applies only if you make the effort to upload important information online. You can get it here.
If you don’t want to pay money, check those free alternatives.

3. Tor browser

I have to admit, this one is somewhat new for me.
After I started reading a lot of information about my data and googling myself (you should do that sometime), I started taking my privacy much more seriously. Tor allows you to keep your private information truly private.
Ever googled for that pair of sneakers with ads following you for weeks after that? Well not anymore.
Some transactions like banking or videos might not work well, but you can be sure, your data won’t be sold over to the big corporations.
You can download it here.

4. DuckDuckGo

If you already have tor, then I advise you to also use DuckDuckGo.
That search engine doesn’t track you and allows you to search for flights, travel or information totally anonymous and ad-free.
Check it out.

5. Evernote

You either hate it or you love it.
I belong to the second type.
In fact, I use Evernote for nearly all of my notes, blog articles or even shopping lists.
In combination with an Ipad and Apple pencil, it helps me to save handwritten notes in an intuitive way.
Also, it has the dictate function which can be helpful if you work with interviews or audio. It’s not perfect, but I love it!
Get it here.

6. Grammarly

I must admit I discovered this little add on only recently. Yet it has completely become a gamechanger when writing articles.
In fact, this article I was writing in the Grammarly desktop version.
Grammarly helps you detect errors in your writing and correct them in an intuitive way. Get it here.

If you are struggling with productivity on the road, check out my article on this topic.

What tools do you use on a daily basis? Let me know in the comments or leave me a message! I would love to hear about it!