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7 Hidden Unusual Treasures in Italy to See

History, delectable cuisine, fine wine, traditions, and popular attractions are all waiting for you when you arrive in the country of Italy.  However, if you travel frequently, you may have experienced so many of those things already, and that can lead to a trip that is less than amazing.  There is a solution though, and that is to find the hidden attractions within every destination that you venture to within the country. 

To thoroughly enjoy all these hidden attractions, you will need to travel through a good portion of Italy while you are there.  But, that shouldn’t be an issue for anyone who simply wants to enjoy life and the natural beauty that can be found throughout the world!

Here are 7 hidden attractions you must experience while exploring Italy:

1. House of the Shells

If you love collecting seashells during your travel adventures, you are going to love this unique house that is covered in them.  This seaside house can be found within the village of Rimini and the owner, a taxi driver, used more than twelve thousand shells just on the exterior of his home.  He didn’t stop there though and used many more shells to cover everything else that was outside in his yard. 

2. Cammino di San Tommaso Fountain of Wine

Wine lovers may want to consider taking the one hundred- and ninety-six-mile pilgrimage that goes from Rome to the village of Villa Caldari di Ortona, because there is a wine fountain near the end.  You can take a glass from one of the two brass spigots at any hour of the day or night to quench your thirst.  Just be prepared to purchase a bottle or two before you leave, since you will love the taste that passes by your lips. 

3. Cavillon Cave at Grimaldi

Near the French-Italian border, in Grimaldi, you will find the Cavillon Cave at the base of a massive cliff.  While the museum is spectacular, nothing compares to the beauty that can be found inside the cave.  You are encouraged to wander down the path to the cave, so that you can see where Cro-Magnon burials were completed as early as 24,000 B.C.

4. The Upside-Down Fig Tree

Trees normally grow from the ground up and their roots are safely secured under the ground.  However, the upside-down fig tree in Bacoli defies all those requirements, making it a must-see for everyone!  This town may be well-known as an archaeological site, but many people like yourself will simply go to visit this unique tree that hangs from the archway in an ancient building.  According to legend, this building was part of Emperor Nero’s personal villa, but that still doesn’t solve the dilemma of how the fig tree ended up where it is.  While it is amazing enough that

 the tree thrives and grows in its upside-down position, it is mind-blowing that figs grow on it each year.


5. Fountain of 99 Spoutsphoto of fountain of 99 spouts

Unique and intriguing attractions bring the fun to travel, which is why you must take the time to stop in the city of L’Aquila to see the Fountain of 99 Spouts.  This unusual fountain was constructed during the 13th century, but no one seems to have discovered why there were sculpted stone faces included on it.  The fountain is in a trapezoid shape and there are three pools that face inward and are then overlapped by rows of the faces.  Each face is different from the rest and you will stand there for hours as you become mesmerized by the intricate details in each face and the water that is pouring out of their mouths.

6. Vincent City

You do not need to love art to fall in love with Vincent City, which is a private residence, in the charming town of Guagnano.  Vincent Brunetti owned the home and as a painter, he wanted his residence to stand out from all the rest while reflecting his own personality.  He achieved this by filling every inch of the space with colorful mosaics.  The designs and sculptures will easily catch your eye and you will find yourself trying to determine which area to explore first when you arrive.

7. Castel del Monte

Architectural delights in octagonal and trapezoidal form can be found at Castel del Monte, which was erected in 1204.  The base and the towers at each corner are octagonal, while the rooms inside are trapezoids.  This may not be considered a true castle, but the beauty says otherwise.  There may not be many details on the outside, but the inside offers views that cannot be seen from many castles around the world. 

These are seven of the hidden attractions that you must visit while you are traveling throughout Italy.  Now, you may not be close by each one of these during your current travels, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot keep a bucket list of a few to see when you return to explore some more in the future. 


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