About this website

Finding authentic travel information can be hard.

Even harder is it for those, who seek to travel more regularly.

Those, who wish to become location independent and work remotely, might find some use in here.
During my travels in the past years, I was able to collect a wide array of information, tips, to-dos about destinations, culture and sights. Most importantly, I realize the struggle that comes with finding a remote job and building a location independent lifestyle. With all the information I gathered and continuously grow, I hope to make it slightly easier for you and anyone interested in this kind of lifestyle.
Feel free to browse my blog posts on my website and the resource page.
Should you ever have any questions, remarks, ideas or advice, feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment. I appreciate it.



Under resources you can find a collection of useful websites and apps for the best travel experience.


Expect many useful resources on different topics which will aid you in your travels, as well as many interesting and informative articles on destinations, safety, productivity on the road and the digital nomad lifestyle.

About Gabriela

Travel has been my passion since I was a little girl.

 Growing up between two countries and languages as well as regularly since the age of four has taught me to adapt to different cultures and mindsets as well as seeing the beauty in those little differences. The travel fever caught me and while finishing school and my studies in Germany, I couldn’t wait to be free and on the road again.Since then I have lived in four countries, traveled to different places across Latin America, Europe, North Africa South East Asia – and with many more to come.I have grown on so many levels due to those travels and I strive to share my knowledge, tips and passion with as many people as possible.

Knowing the struggles of finding affordable flights and accommodation, I hope this website with its resources and relevant articles will serve you well.