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    Top 5 Financial Education Books to read in 2019

    Many people struggle their whole lives when it comes to achieving financial freedom. With these Top 5 Financial Education books, you are one step ahead in gaining the financial knowledge needed in order to break out of the rat race. Read on in order to become debt-free, create some savings and start investing in order to build passive income – or simply be more conscious about how you handle your finances. Top 5 Financial Education Books: 1. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki Robert Kiyosaki is a pioneer when it comes to teaching about financial education. With this classic work on financial mindset, saving habits, investment and general attitude…

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    Top 21 Remote Job Sites in 2019

    If you are looking for a job you can do from home remotely, this list of top 20 websites might help you find the right one. Whether you are starting out, or transitioning from a 9-5 lifestyle, long-term employment will allow you to have more flexibility while offering the security. Also, you will gain important skills.

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    Remote home based job: Appen

    If you are looking for a remote work from home opportunity, working as an independent contractor for Appen might be just right for you. I have personally worked for Appen and therefore can tell you about my experience. It is an entry-level, serious and fair paid remote job which you do from home. What is Appen Butler Hill? Appen Butler Hill is a global company that provides training data to improve machine learning. They are contracting thousands of people to help them train algorithms to provide more accurate results on the internet.  The company has been doing this kind of work for about 20 years already. Being one of the…

  • 6 essential tools for work and travel
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    6 Essential Tools for Work and Travel

    When travelling and working remotely, I came across certain tools which have become indispensable. Especially when trying to get the work done on the road, some tools helped me to maintain a good workflow.If you are working remotely while travelling, some of them might be useful for you too.   Here is my list of essential tools and apps I use daily:   1. VPN I am using the Private Internet Access VPN. Whilst this is a paid service, there are plenty of free versions out there.When travelling frequently and switching between countries I have come across different problems. Those problems can range from blocked email access due to Mail…

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    Becoming Location Independent

    Location independent lifestyle. Digital nomads with no fixed homes, travelling and drinking cocktails on the beach while running online businesses. Well, not exactly. It is easy to see why this type of lifestyle is so appealing. Yet we also need to regard the other sides to it. A location independent lifestyle is not only holidays and fun but involves a great deal of work. You will face plenty of insecurities and like every aspect of our lives, it will have its ups and downs. You will have to build a business, find a way to earn enough to cover eventual emergency expenses and also fight other difficulties like loneliness. Yet…