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Remote home based job: Appen

If you are looking for a remote work from home opportunity, working as an independent contractor for Appen might be just right for you.

I have personally worked for Appen and therefore can tell you about my experience. It is an entry-level, serious and fair paid remote job which you do from home.

About Appen:

Appen is a global company that provides training data to improve machine learning. They are contracting thousands of people to help them train algorithms to provide more accurate results on the internet. 

The company has been doing this kind of work for about 20 years already. Being one of the world leaders in this field, they employ over 1000000 workers from around the world.

There are tasks for nearly every country in the world and for around 180 languages.

The great thing is: you don’t need any previous experience! You only need a stable internet connection, a computer and a smartphone. 

Another good thing (for introverts like me): You don’t have to make any calls, talk to customers, no sales or any other thing. This means you can work at any hour, any time, from your bed and even in your pyjamas.

The requirements are always:

  • fluent English skills
  • experienced in using computers and the internet
  • fluent in a second language if you are outside an English speaking country

Type of work:

There are many different projects you can apply to. Those projects range from social media to search engine evaluation, to audio or transcription tasks.

You will have to invest several hours in studying their training material. Tasks vary in length and difficulty as well as minimum availability during the week.

Expect 1-4 hours daily for some projects, while some projects even allow for full-time work. Some projects require a minimum of 20 hours weekly. Some projects also require specific core work time, while are completely up to you.

Amount of tasks depends on the project and the client. Therefore a constant amount of work can’t be guaranteed. 


As the payment is depending on your country of residence and based on the standard pay rate, nothing concrete can be said. Usually, payment ranges from 10 USD to 18 USD per hour. If you want to be more precise, you can find some examples on Glassdoor.

Payment is being issued monthly, usually, 12 days after the month finished. You have to make your own invoice using the online tool provided.

Due to some restrictions, you are not allowed to work outside of your country of residence and can only use private internet at your home.


  • flexible
  • work from home
  • remote
  • work your own times
  • no previous experience needed


  • project-based, which means they can end with little to no prior notice
  • you are responsible for your taxes
  • need to work in the country of residence
  • little growth

Overall, I think Appen is a great employer to start your remote work journey.

If you are looking to build a long term business, or are looking for reliable, long term employment, this is likely not for you.

Yet if you want to be close to your family, or live in a remote area, Appen might be a great fit as you have a fully flexible, quiet remote job. 

How to apply?

Here you can see the current job offers and start the qualification process.

If you have previous work experience in IT, Engineering or Sales then maybe their full-time positions might be of interest to you.

If you are looking for other remote work opportunities, see this article.

What do you think of this article? Do you work remotely? What are your struggles?

I would love to hear! Leave me a message or comment and let’s chat!