If you are struggling to find affordable flights and accommodation, as well as ways to meet people – this list might help. I am working on a collection of useful links and resources to help you with your travel planning.

Skyscanner is possibly one of the best flight search engines for finding cheap flights. You can also set up an alarm for the lowest prices or chose destinations according to prices.

When looking for things to do in a new location or meeting new people, one of my favourite tools is MeetUp. As the name already states, it allows you to meet up, visit events or parties, workshops or courses of any kind.

Momondo is another independent flight search like Skyscanner offering a wide range of companies and connections to chose from.

AirBnb is my favourite tool when it comes to booking local accommodation, as I prefer private homes over hotels.

If you are travelling for short periods and are not too picky about where and how you sleep, Couchsurfing might be for you. Offering free accommodation exchanges and a chance to meet new people, it is a great alternative

Couchsurfing is famous not only for accommodation, but especially the chance to meet likeminded people around the globe. Offering events, meetups and lots of activities, it’s a great tool to connect.