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    A Guide to Sustainable Travel and Eco-tourism

    If you are interested in minimising the impact you leave during your travels, you may have heard the term sustainable travel and eco-tourism. But what exactly do these expression sustainable travel and eco-tourism mean? And how can we make sure that we are travelling sustainably? Read on to discover what sustainable travel and eco-tourism are, what makes some trips sustainably…

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    7 Intriguing and Unusual Sights To Explore When Visiting Great Britain

    Great Britain should never be confused with England, as it actually encompasses that area, as well as Scotland and Wales.  Thankfully, when you choose to travel to Great Britain, you are met with a plethora of sights that you would never have seen if you had simply decided to only see England or even just the city of London.  Here…

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    7 Hidden Unusual Treasures in Italy to See

    History, delectable cuisine, fine wine, traditions, and popular attractions are all waiting for you when you arrive in the country of Italy. However, if you travel frequently, you may have experienced so many of those things already, and that can lead to a trip that is less than amazing.

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    6 Tips For Successful Solo Travel

    So you have finally decided to take the step and travel solo for the first time. Or maybe you are a regular solo traveller - Congratulations! Still, there are a few things that could make solo travelling much more comfortable, and if I knew them before, I would've probably saved myself a lot of worries.

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    Why You Need To Travel Solo

    We live in a society built for couples. If you receive some show tickets as a gift, they are mostly for two. Trips and hotel bookings usually expect you to bring along a partner or friend, otherwise, you have to pay an extra fee for a single room (yeah, you pay MORE if you travel alone). In some places, you…