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Top 21 Remote Job Sites in 2021

If you are looking for a remote job you can do from home, this list of top 21 remote job sites might help you find the right one.

When I was looking for a remote job, I came across many different portals to find remote work opportunities. Contrary to freelancing websites, those sites only post jobs that offer longterm positions.

Whether you are starting out, or transitioning from a 9-5 lifestyle, long-term employment will allow you to have more flexibility while offering the security. Also, you will gain important skills.

Those sites offer mostly location independent or home office positions and are looking for specialists and generalists from a wide range of fields.

For those who are not yet ready to take the leap to become location independent, see those remote job offers as inspiration and guide for a possible career choice.

If you are looking for further information, on how to become location independent, read here.

List of remote job boards:

1. is a clean, visually appealing website with a straight forward search function. Search for all remote jobs or use one of the categories such as design, customer service, software dev and more.


RMTWRK regularly scrapes the web for the newest remote job offers. Packed with interesting features, it allows you to keep track of all your applications. Also, putting job searches is free!


Workew is a website catered towards digital nomads or those wishing to become one. This remote job portal offers different categories in which you can look for your next remote job. Another option we like: it shows you whether the job is for a specific region or country.


Workingnomads is another remote job search – as the name already says – for digital nomads. It has a clear interface without the bullshit, straightforward search and has daily updated job offers.


WeWorkRemotely is one of the biggest remote job portals and features some big names as their clients. Apart from a useful search option it also features a very interesting resources section – check it out!


Infinite Nomad is a job portal made my digital nomads for digital nomads. Its clean interface and straight to the point job listing offers a wide range of daily updated jobs.


Lets Work Remotely is another huge job search portal offering also a whole community. We love, that the site also lets you search by country or region and freely type job positions.


Remote4Me is a clearly structured website that offers remote job searching by categories. It is one of a kind in the way it was divided by programming languages or tech skills needed and offers much easier navigation when it comes to searching for a specific position. It also offers non-tech jobs and differentiates between fully location independent or partly remote positions.


Angellist is a famous portal for finding jobs in different start ups, many of which offer remote positions.


Remote Bliss is a beautifully designed website which caters mostly to us based job seekers. It also offers helpful articles about remote jobs and remote working and is overall clearly structured.


Remote OK is a remote job website that offers job searches by categories such as customer service, development and more. We also love the remote job statistics feature, which shows the average search volume of each keyword during a year and its approximate pay.


As the name already insinuates, skipthedrive offers remote and home based employment. Browse from a range of different categories or receive updates directly to your mailbox.


The Remote Work Hub is a somewhat different job board. They offer a curated collection of job boards, facebook groups and other channels for finding the best remote job offers.


Atlas and Boots is a curated community of digital nomads for digital nomads, offering chosen job opportunities. Those are divided by categories such as customer service, design and UX, marketing and sysadmin.


Europe Remotely is a website that focuses only on European remote jobs – which is still quite unique. They offer different, well-structured categories and a straight forward job search.


Jobspresso is another well-curated and organized remote job board with many US-based jobs and a wide range of categories.


Remotely Awesome Jobs is a remote job scraper which combines many job boards to find the creme de la creme of remote working opportunities. You might also find some hidden gems in there.


NoDesk is a portal made for digital nomad and presents a clean, practical interface. Search by categories or country read all the resources on digital nomadism and remote working or simply browse around the offers.


Remotey work with several big companies and help connect remote working professionals with companies hiring. They feature jobs from all over the world and also cater to business owners looking for talent.


A job search, a community, a group, call it whatever you like – but Guavabean offers truly unique remote job offers directly to your mailbox or through the facebook group.

21. LinkedIn

I know, not directly a remote job board – LinkedIn is probably one of the best tools there is for finding well paid, professional job offers. Make a profile and browse by categories and remote as location and you shall find a big selection of remote work opportunities.

What other ways are there to find remote jobs?

Another good advice is to join different Facebook groups. I have found most of my work (whether remote, full-time or freelance) through Facebook groups, as there are many recruiters and people who are simply willing to help.

If you are active on Xing, then it might be a good option as well.

Additionally, there are many threads on sites like Reddit which will offer further positions and tips.

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Thank you for reading!

Do you have any other boards you can recommend or further questions?

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