Why You Need To Travel Solo


Travelling solo can be a challenging thought.
You are facing a stigma, which was built into our society for a very long time. Especially when being a woman.

You will have to fight against the stereotypes of women being weak and incapable of taking care of themselves.
Family or friends might be worried about you because solo travel is still seen as somewhat reckless and dangerous.
If you are a man, you might still receive some weird glances as travel is something you are supposed to do for work, or as a vacation with a group of friends.
The thought, that people can actually enjoy their own company or even a drink alone at a bar, seems disturbing to some.

But it doesn’t have to be.
Like I already wrote in an article on Medium, our society is mostly built for couples.
You can see it when you are trying to book a single room in a hotel or go to a restaurant alone. Depending on where you are (especially in smaller towns) you might get quite some looks.

Yet while solo travel can be challenging, it is probably also one of the most liberating things to do.

You are your own boss

Most of our lives are organized by someone or something for us.
We live our daily patterns and routines and rarely actually step back and take a look at what we REALLY want to do.
When you are travelling solo, you are on your own. You make your schedules, your itinerary, hotel bookings and respond to other needs you may have.


You get to know your strengths

There is no better way to grow, really.
You might have to cope with challenging situations. Maybe you will get lost in a new city, without any GPS or map. But eventually you will find your way out, and grow stronger by it.


You will form your own opinion

Which is probably the most important point.
We are being influenced daily via internet, tv, ads and other people.
We are not the only taught on what to like, but also on what to see.
Being alone in a foreign country without anyone telling you what you need to see or where to go, is letting you create your own criteria.
You will build your own opinion on different subjects. You will change your view on many things.
Beware, it may potentially change your life. You might come back with a different person.



Take the leap and you will not regret it.

While solo travel is important, it is not all fun and games.

Preparation is key and there are several things to keep an eye on.

In this article, I have written some things you might need to take care of while travelling solo.

What do you think? Do you travel on your own? How did it make you grow and what challenges did you face? 
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